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The little home where dreams come true


Children like to build small houses - in demand there are pillows, blankets, chairs, boxes... Having arranged in the apartment a building site, the child plays with ecstasy, in any disagreeing (to dismantle) the construction? Parents are dissatisfied, the child is of tear...

What to do?

To present children own small house! Specially for kids the Joint-Stock Company (Stalker Company) has developed "House little for little child" - a small house from a colourful corrugated cardboard.


Externally it is a real house, with the stone base, carved windows, a red tile roof, a flue! Ten details easily gather in a ready children's small house in length of 1,45 m, width 1,1 m and height 1,4 m!


Led by the daddy the brigade of "builders" needs very few time that you had at home a "Alpine" or "Wood" children's small house in which with comfort children from 3 up to 12 years will be placed. Depending on age and fatness, here can freely settle down three (and sometimes more) growing up little man.


In the small house it is possible to lay a small carpet, to hang up curtains, to put the stool, a little table, to lodge toys with which always was not a place and they have been chaotically scattered on a room. For children's creativity too there will be a place -  it is possible to ornament walls of the small house inside or to place on them pictures as most it is pleasant.


Such gift will bring a lot of pleasure to your kid and will not break a cosiness of your apartment! And what is the most important - it is pleasant to children to play in it, and for parents the main gift - the pleasure shone in little eyes of their kid!



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Wood house Подробнее



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